EDI Gallega Software Solutions

EDI Overview

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) provides a paperless way of moving documents such as invoices, financial reports and more within and between companies. Many Businesses choose EDI as an inexpensive and safe mode for sending their documents. GallegaSoft provides EDI consulting services for many and diverse industries. And, our experience includes integrating EDI with major business systems such as Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards and many others. GallegaSoft can also assist you with ERP system installation or want to add EDI to your existing accounting systems.

Other benefits of EDI are:
  • Improved data entry accuracy
  • Faster data transfer
  • Closer relationships with trading partners
  • Cost savings from reduced inventories and personnel
GallegaSoft EDI specialists have experience in all aspects of EDI :
  • DataStage TX
  • Free DataStage introduction and assessment
  • EDI / Application Integration
  • EDI Strategic Planning
  • EDI Program Analysis
  • Training and Workshops
  • Data Communication setups (VANs)
  • Transaction Data Mapping
  • Data Transformation
  • Technical Maintenance and Support

The GallegaSoft EDI Business Partnering Difference

Whether establishing your own EDI system or adopting that of a larger business partner, GallegaSoft consultants and operations specialists are there to help in a way to meet your needs and to comply with those of your partner. Also, because GallegaSoft has had experience with the leading VAN (Value Added Network) Providers, we can provide EDI VAN Planning and Servicing, linking you to all of your trading partners.

VAN Providers

Emanio : http://www.emanio.com
GE Information Systems : http://www.geis.com
IBM Global Services : http://www.ibm.com/services/
Sterling Commerce : http://www.stercomm.com