Gentran Gallega Software Solutions

Gentran Overview

GallegaSoft understands that today’s, e-Business means much more than just web applications and EDI, it means enabling the communications with multiple partners using different formats like XML, EDI with deviations, non format data, complex business rules, and different document and communication protocols to conduct interactive business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) communications.

Gentran : Basic – A data translation and management system that allows you to easily communicate with your trading partners
Gentran : Director – A simple electronic data interchange solution made up of data translation, process control, and communication
Gentran : Server – A versatile, high performance e-business solution, designed to assist with the exchange of EDI and other types of data
Gentran : Integration Suite for B2B Collaboration
Gentran : Integration Suite for EDI
Gentran : Integration Suite for Multi-Enterprise SOA
Gentran : Managed file transfer with Connect: Enterprise and Connect: Direct

Gentran / GIS Specialized services from Gallega Soft

  • Analyze and design the B2B hub.
  • Jump Start B2B infrastructure.
  • Migrating Inovis TLE, TIE to GIS.
  • Migrating older Gentran versions to Gentran 6.0 or GIS 4.3.
  • Migrating Gentran Visual Mapper to AI Mapper.
  • Migration from Mainframe to Cost effective and reliable hardware.
  • 24 / 7 Support for the B2B team in Gentran/GIS/TLE
  • Integration with internal application / Database.
  • Product Selection / Competitive analysis.
  • POC or POT B2B hub.
  • Software as Service (SAS) for B2B.
  • Security Design.
  • Disaster recovery setup.
  • Create web portal applications to monitor the hub.
  • System Administration and maintenance.
  • Provide collaboration and exchange of data for hundreds of independent software vendor (ISV) solutions, such as SAP, PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards, Siebel, Microsoft® Exchange and Crystal Reports.

Why GallegaSoft?

  • Assurance of reducing costs by at least 45% Over 200 resources who have extensive experience in Gentran, GIS, TLE, TIE tools and Technologies One stop shop for B2B services
  • Expertise in Integration with internal applications and databases.
  • Implemented migration from older versions of Gentran, TLE, TIE to GIS for many Customers like Staples.
  • Developed several accelerators (reusable components) to reduce migration, development and testing time.