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Healthcare Information Data Research and Analsyis (HINDRA)

Healthcare Intelligence

Healthcare delivery reforms are putting pressure on healthcare organizations to reduce costs and improve
quality and efficiency. Providers need to reduce readmissions and demonstrate improvements in quality standards
in order to avoid CMS penalties. Providers need to be able to better understand performance metrics in order
to predict future outcomes. GALLEGA plans to develop a single most effective solution to achieving these results
and is developed via business intelligence software that will enable predictive analytics.

In the current scenario, much of the data required in order to perform data analysis resides in disparate, non-integrated
electronic systems. In order to turn this data into actionable intelligence, there needs to be a holistic view
of the data. GALLEGA has over a decade of experience in healthcare data migration, ETL, and data deliveryand plans to
help healthcare organizations bring their clinical, financial, and operational data together so
that they can turn their massive volumes of data into actionable analytics.

Healthcare INformation Data Research and Analsyis (HINDRA) Technological background

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is the data platform which will be used for our ETL database.
Eligibility, Claims and payments information are stored in our databases in relational format.

Our ETL process consists of several Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 2005 packages.
SSIS is a platform for building high performance data integration and data transformation solutions.
It includes graphical tools and wizards which are used to build, test, debug and deploy packages onto integration server.
Since SSIS is part of Microsoft SQL Server, this allows us to host our packages and schedule them to run on
our database server.

SSIS package is built by using SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio. This graphical tool
provides rich set of built-in tasks and transformation such as control flow, data flow, event handlers
and connection managers. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is used to create database structure
such as table, view, index, stored procedure and etc.

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